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About Us

About US:


To serve individuals and families in the poorest communities in the sindh, Pakistan.


We wants‎ to‎ see‎ the‎ society‎ well‎ ‎ developed in the economic, social field, and without
‎injustice.‎ we aspire to be a dynamic organization working towards creation of a  just and caring

About us

Objective Strategic

  •  To develop better co-ordination, collaboration, joint participation, relations and understanding amongst various constituents of the rural sector for promoting welfare of the rural masses by eradicating thirst, hunger, illiteracy, disease, poverty and by providing shelter and employment.
  • To carry out various child development projects to provide opportunities for the proper development of children. Also to implement various schemes relating to family welfare, nutritious food, primary education, health, entertainment etc, for the intellectual, psychological and physical development of the children;
  • To arrange meetings, conferences and training programs/workshop for creating awareness and
    spreading knowledge about the safe drinking water.
  • To work for the overall development of Rural Areas.
  • Take measure to improve drinking water, canal, water courses, wells, and tanks.
  • To work for the rehabilitation of the incapacitated and disabled men, women and Children
  • To save and protect the environment.