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Education for Orphans and Vulnerable Childrens

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Education for Orphans and Vulnerable Childrens

Vulnerable ChildrensWe Start this project started in 2008, that there were many childrens on the street without being educated or supported in any way then your support can help to the School for a Year.

As with many rural areas of sindh, Belo suffers from a large number of orphaned children whose parents have died prematurely due to illnesses such as malaria, TB and other disease . In addition, many children do not have full support of parents who suffer from disabilities or mental illness.

For many of the orphans and vulnerable children in sindh province of Pakistan, education orphans is the only means for pulling them out of poverty. Yet for too many of them, obtaining an education is an elusive goal. Even though many governments provide free education through the public schools, many children and especially orphans. which cannot afford to buy the required school uniform, shoes, books and supplies.

So they can attend. The Education for Orphans project works to find sponsors who will provide the school fees and other expenses for children. who live in some of the poorest countries in the world, giving them the opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty through their own efforts.

For just $30 per year you can pay for the fees and other expenses so a child in a third world country can attend school for an entire year.

Click here Donate Now to sponsor a child’s education for an entire year.

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