Education for Orphan

Educational project covers children's school fees, tutorial lessons, after school meals, school uniforms and materials. Children receive after school

Primary Health Care

The poor, illiterate farmer and his family are forced to rely upon the village quack who not only mis-diagnoses the ailment and prescribes incorrect medication

Cleane Drinking Water

Clean drinking water to people in Pakistan because many people still don't have access to clean drinking water and clean drinking water to improve their health

Need Free education for all

Many Orphan Children Are Out Of School. All Children Have A Right To Free Education. We Promote Free Equal Access To Quality Education. Support Our Work Today. SACH. Equality For Girls. Promoting Child Rights. Working in many area of Sindh
The refugee agency commits to supplying 600 tents and 7000 aid kits containing household items as well as other relief items to flood.
flood in pakistan
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Support Poverty Relief Mission

Support to low Income Patients

Safe Charity Water & Sanitation

Meals provided by SACH donars to thos struggling with food insecurily and hunger families
Peaople who now access to primary health care thanks to SACH donar -funded clinic Program's
People who have access to clean drinking water thanks to SACH donars funded water Projects

Projects Task Completed

Support Relief Program
Completed 42%
Primary Health Care
Completed 51%
Clean Drinking Water
Completed 38%