About Us

Social Aid for Common Humanity (SACH) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit humanitarian and development organization. It is a legal entity; established on November 16th , 2011 and is registered under Society Act (1860). SACH  Organization  believe in strengthening of different stakeholders including civil society organizations, local bodies and community to work effectively and efficiently for bringing about remarkable change towards minimizing community sufferings. Strengthen healthy life in the most vuln

Areas of Work

Humanitarian Response
• Promote alternative livelihoods
• Eradicate child labor in all its forms
• Management of all existing natural resources
• Rural development with accessibility to all basic necessities
• Increasing education and knowledge regarding human rights
• Enhance awareness of society regarding values of human rights
• Decrease the poverty through skill development and enhancing  literacy
• Promote education in areas (rural & urban) through establishing institutes
• Enhance awareness of communities/people in urban and rural areas
regarding changing situation to survival of human beings