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Our campaign supports equal opportunities for people with visual impairment and other campaign. Our Equal World campaign fights for the rights of people with orphan campaign to go to school, find a job and take part fully in society. Join us and make a difference.

CampaignAccording to a UNICEF report, there are currently 153 million orphans in the world, of which 60 million are in Asia alone, and the number is so high that if these orphans were to be chained by human hands, Dust can form a fence. In some Muslim countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and Syria, the number of orphans has risen alarmingly over the past few years due to the ongoing civil war. The situation and campaign for orphans in Pakistan is no different. The sudden disasters of the last decade, the fight against unrest, the lack of public health facilities and the daily accidents where thousands of people lost their lives. Millions of children also lost their families and became orphans of the society.

CampaignHow strange is the word “orphan”. As soon as you hear this word, a feeling of love arises in your heart. Our love and affection for the orphan grows. May there be no orphans. May his father and mother be safe. Who is an orphan? An orphan is any child whose father dies before he or she reaches adulthood. Similarly, a child whose father and mother die before he or she reaches adulthood is also called an orphan. Of course they deserve more love. Similarly, if one’s mother dies in infancy, he will also be called an orphan because his mother has died.

Everyone loves their children immensely. He kisses the baby, hugs him. He works hard in the morning and iCampaignn the evening to nurture her and provide her with the comforts of life. When he comes home, he goes straight to the children. They also come running, clinging to their father’s legs. The father starts kissing helplessly. The children speak to the father in tongues. Never complain. The father smiles helplessly when he hears the children talking. Is happy That is the name of life. Dear readers! Usually when friends get together, to tell each other that I am a very important person, they say: We have a very close relationship with such and such a great person. He even came to our wedding. He came to our house to offer condolences. If there is a great leader of our city or he becomes a minister, then we say with great pride that yes, so and so is a resident of our city.
Dude, he’s just a man. Belongs to your area What could be more fortunate or good to have one or more orphans in your home and you are supporting them? There are many orphan care organizations and campaigns that provide a home environment for orphans. Go to any country or city in the world, you will find institutions that not only provide financial support to orphans but also put a lot of emphasis on their education and training. Four years ago today, a friend suggested that this campaign should take place and said that there should be a center for the welfare of orphans. Campaign
We appreciated his suggestion and then we had so many meetings. As a result, a full-fledged orphan campaign was launched in Badin, Pakistan. Families in which orphans are raised are highly respected. The doors of sustenance and blessing open on them. It seems easy to say that we will raise an orphan boy or girl. Great are the women who breastfeed their children as well as an orphan. Imagine that both babies are hungry, both are crying, it is very difficult for a mother to breastfeed which baby? Breastfeed your baby or orphan first. She runs, runs, sometimes silencing her child, sometimes trying to silence the orphan. He does not know how much this struggle, this effort, this agony, running away, silencing the child, breastfeeding him, is increasing his virtues and

Your support has never been more important. We urgently need to raise £237,370 which could run our family support his campaign services over the this period. Please donate today.

Those who receive daily support from their caregivers are afraid for their well-being and in desperate need of personal protective equipment. Additionally, many people with disabilities have weakened immune systems or underlying conditions, making errands like shopping for basic needs like groceries, hygiene products, and medications a major health risk.


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