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Voluntary Distilled water delivery:

Just as oxygen is essential for survival, distilled water is also important. No living thing can survive without it, which is why countries around the world are now storing water in view of the importance of water. According to reports from the Pakistan Council of Research and Water Resources, the water problem is becoming a water bomb.

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distilled water The distilled water available is polluted and harmful to human health, according to a survey. According to the report, 80% of Pakistan’s water is polluted. In the near future, the biggest problem for Pakistan will be water scarcity. Due to which about 95% of the people in the cities today are forced to fetch drinking water from the water filtration plant. Where the ground water level has gone down, clean fresh drinking water is not readily available.

Four decades ago, water for domestic use was the responsibility of local governments (municipalities), with regular monthly payments. The bill was also paid. With the passage of time, just as the central governments did not pay attention to the construction of new reservoirs, the water supplied to the houses in the cities also became polluted and less. Connections are now completely disconnected. Now in the morning and evening, adults and children have plastic cans in their hands to fetch water from the water filtration plant, which indicates that the supply of clean water to the people is on their doorstep. Governments have failed miserably and people have been lined up by installing water filtration plants away from their homes, which in the history books reminds us of fetching water from a well two hundred years ago. Ninety percent of the canals in Pakistan are used for agriculture and Used for irrigation Here too an estimated 50% of water is wasted due to gross negligence.

According to the WHO, 900 million people around the world have no access to water at health facilities or are forced to use unsafe water. Similarly, 1.5 billion people worldwide are affected by the lack of toilet facilities at one in five health centers. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned countries around the world to ensure the availability and sanitation of water at basic needs centers such as health to protect 2 billion people from medical complications.”

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No clear policy has been formulated to develop the years old canal system on modern lines while cities have not been able to implement it. Even the common man is not aware of the importance of clean water as much as water is used The same amount is wasted, just as citizens face a shortage of clean drinking water, and people are also affected by water shortages at health facilities, according to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report. “2 billion people worldwide are affected by water shortages in healthcare facilities,” the report said. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), half of the health facilities in poor countries do not have access to basic sanitation facilities like water, while the available water causes many diseases for newborns and mothers. According to the report, one million deaths worldwide each year are due to the unavailability of sanitation facilities during childbirth, as well as 15% of patients visiting health facilities due to water shortages and poor sanitation.Gets infected with The report lists hospitals as places of infection and disease rather than health centers.


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