Education Support

SACH has an exclusive education and schooling that provides quality education to over 1325 students in rural Sindh Pakistan.

Pakistan is one of the poorest countries in the world

SACH is registered in Sindh Pakistan and has been providing humanitarian aid in the region since 2008. The organisation is also assisting long term sustainable projects including education and schooling.

SACH Organization is assisting the poor and the needy in rural sindh by assisting children with education and schooling fees. Students also learn Arabic, Quran and Islamic Studies.

Help break the cycle of poverty. Educate a child for 1 year for just $300

Education is one of the solutions to poverty. Currently, there are 1325 students which SACH Organization is assisting in remote Sindh with schooling and education.

Educate a child for 1 year for just $300