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Invisible children:

How to sponsor an invisible children?

There are many girls who have lost their parents at a very young age. Orphan girls are left with relatives and friends for who the extra children is often a burden which frequently results in abuse or orphan homes. Orphan girls are most of the time not being accepted by relatives, and often end up begging in the street in a vulnerable condition if they don’t receive care in time. invisible children


invisible children support project is providing education and looks after the orphan girls. The aim is to give the orphan girls education with care so that they can grow up like healthy and confident girls. We encourage the older orphan girls to study and help them to find jobs or training opportunities to make them independent.

£30 a month can sponsor an invisible children. Help change their lives and start your sponsorship now.

Imagine witnessing the moment your mother or father takes their last breath?

Losing a parent is a traumatic experience for everyone but for a child who is already living in extreme poverty, the pain is worse. Most orphans have no choice but to abandon their childhood to work or beg, most are emaciated from the lack of food or sickness and are either taken advantage of or abused.

Sponsor an Orphaninvisible children

SACH Organization is committed to providing an opportunity to sponsor an Orphan.  Not only do you have an opportunity to sponsor an orphan but also their families to enhance their lives for better quality of living. We aim to break the cycle of poverty and are constantly working on developing ways to provide them with a healthier future.

Our Mission to Build an Orphanage

The Sponsor an Orphan project strives to assist widows, Orphanage expenses, food, shelter, essential clothing, medical supplies, and access to education.

The orphans undergo a range of studies including the Urdu language, sindhi, English and mathematics as well as religious studies. Education is an integral part of maintaining, facilitating learning, acquiring knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits.

Alhamdulillah, with the generous support of our communities, we have been able to transform the lives of thousands of orphans and their families.

By donating towards this project, you would be making a profound difference in supporting SACH Organization Orphanages of Pakistan.

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