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The Importance Of Mosque’s

Mosques also as community centres and places of learning. It’s where people are united in pray and worship, where men and women come to for solace and support, and where children learn to read. Mosques are the centre of any community where people can congregate for their five time daily prayers and each Friday congregation sermons.Faith is vital to shaping the attitudes, beliefs and practices that lay the foundation for everyday life Mosques are where people gather to worship.Mosque Near Me

Need a New Mosque Near Me:

A mosque backward area of Pakistan where there is a Muslim population but there is no mosque  intends on assisting communities with funding them to build a Mosque Near Me. This mosque will vary in sizes and will be built in locations where access to a mosque is very limited.


Why should I help establish a Mosque Near Me?

In Pakistan Economically very poor people live. There is a lot of trouble because of worship building a mosque’s near me is also considered as a form of ongoing charity (Sadaqah Jariyah), where the supporter  will continue to gain rewards as long as it is still being use even after his soul has departed from this life.

In Thurparkar , Islamkot and some other these areas, mosques are made of wood.

Your donation support has reached out to the Muslims in need of a centre for pray and education within the community. However, there is so much more to be done with hundreds and thousands of Muslims brother and sister’s still without a place of worship.
your help us continue to reach more and many of our brothers and sisters, connecting them with their Muslim community as well as Allah (SWT). All muslim and sisiters the prayer and learning of Islamic knowledge inside these community mosques will also give you and your family Sadaqah Jariyah in this life and the next, Insha Allah.


100% Donation Policy