Sponsor an Orphan Education -Make a Better Future

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The micro-project will change the life of an orphan girl by providing her education in one of the best educational project institutions in Badin , Mirpurkhas sindh pakistan . Sponsored orphan girl will get school books, shoe, bag and dress with paid school fees. This project will help the orphan girls to be educated so that they make right choices, and set goals for their future and pursue it Orphans are a vulterable segment of our society and accrding to UNICEF report, Pakistan is home to 4.2 million orphaned children who are unattended an abandoned children , waiting for provision of facilities to them including house , education , shelter and healthcare.

How to sponsor an orphan child?

Good care and education ggives the yougsters a chance to excel in life and give back to the comunity .The opportunites to grow as more children become young adults and start their own independent life, which is often a great excample for the ounger ones.

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The micro-project will provide education to 100 under privileged orphan girls of district badin, Mirpurkhas , Sindh Pakistan . SACH Organization will provide school fe, school dress , school bag, books, school shoes and make their educational dream come true . Your support will give these girls an education and secured life.