Where we work

For over 12 years we have been serving humanity in Sindh Pakistan. We are one of the Nonprofit Charity and humanitarian organisations in the PAk.

We strive to ensure that all those suffering from the effects of poverty, natural disaster and war are able to survive and empowered to thrive.

Through our field offices and partners, we strive to achieve the following goals.

Humanitarian / Emergency relief

We issue rescue and relief services to those in danger and at immediate risk of harm. We also focus on developing and upgrading our capacity to link relief and rehabilitation with long term development.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Our long-term development programmes build independent, brighter futures. We enable marginalised communities to live with dignity through restoring livelihood opportunities, improving agriculture productivity, improving skills and the creation of new enterprises through appropriate training and logistic support.


We believe in providing everyone with access to education to all. In particular, our focus is to enable girls to attend school – thereby creating opportunities to break out of the cycle of poverty for future generations.


Our medical and health care programmes save and protect lives in areas of Sindh Pak. Key priorities of our healthcare intervention is the promotion of good health and well-being of children and mothers with a focus on combating the major causes of childhood deaths and diseases.